The Office The series aired on Thursdays at 9:00 p. Andy chastised her for this, reminding Erin that she was the one who dumped him. He wrote that it has made a convincing argument, not that Michael Scott can be replaced, but that he doesn t need to be. 4 million viewers, marking a slight increase in viewers from the sixth season premiere Gossip the office andy dating erin. Andy returns and expects Erin to stay his girlfriend, despite the fact she no longer cares for him. Love Rivals Jessica After Andy was promoted to Regional Manager, he began dating Jessica. [19] Gervais also contributed to the script for the season finale. The director denies this, and when Pam refuses to let the subject drop, he makes veiled insults and explains that the bathroom door does not lock for the children s safety.

Amy Ryan made her first return appearance as Holly in a voice-only role in Sex Ed , and finally returned to Dunder Mifflin in the hour-long Christmas episode; and she is now billed among the rest of the starring cast. The episode featured Melora Hardin as Jan, and the return of Rashida Jones as Karen and David Denman as Roy. Returning writers from the previous season include Mindy Kaling, B. It is obvious that the two are still attracted to each other. [8] As of this season, Zach Woods, who plays Gabe Lewis on the show, has been promoted to a series regular. [18] Ricky Gervais returned as David Brent in the season finale, along with Will Arnett who played a new character. [27] The finale, Search Committee was viewed by 7. While The Office was mainly filmed on a studio set at Valley Center Studios in Van Nuys, California, [4] the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the show is set, was used for shots of the opening theme the office andy dating erin.

In Season 8, Erin is once again single, while Andy is in a steady relationship. He also confirmed Kathy Bates would return as Jo Bennett in the season premiere. Even though Erin was still dating Andy at this point, she has begun to see that Andy is fairly obnoxious and immature compared to the younger and more grounded Pete..
. Jim enters a bathroom and sees the day care director (Joey Slotnick) on the toilet. When Andy decides to spite Erin for leaving him for Pete, he brings Gabe back, along with Pete s ex-girlfriend. ...

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